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In – situ measurement of oxygen in furnaces, kilns, boilers, and flue gases

Capable of measuring concentration in gas with temperatures from ambient up to 1400C (2550F). This versatile instrument can be tailored to a wide range of applications.

Model 1732 Oxygen Transmitter

The model 1732 oxygen transmitter in the 6th generation oxygen analyser designed and developed by Novatech Controls. It represents over 30 years of experience and ongoing refinement.

Rich in features this instrument can operate as a stand-alone unit or integrated into automation control systems. Designed to control two oxygen probes, the instrument provides the ability to read oxygen in multiple zones, or provide averaging and redundancy.


Thermal power stations, petrochemical, steel, nuclear, gas purity generators, mining, toxic waste, incinerators, industrial boilers, pulp & paper, cement, glass, ceramics, and smelters.


The Novatech 1732 oxygen transmitter, used in conjunction with Novatech’s range of zirconia oxygen probes, measure oxygen concentration in process gases. This can be used to determine the efficiency of a combustion process providing benefits including:

  • Reducing the amount of fuel consumed resulting in immediate and on-going fuel savings.

  • Keeping the level of pollution and greenhouse gases emitted from the application to a minimum as a result of efficient combustion

The transmitter can be monitored remotely via a series of programmable analogue outputs alarm relays, or digitally via Modbus ™ communications.

Novatech continues to set the standard for oxygen analysers, extra options that their customers request can usually be quickly catered for. There are several safety features built into the Novatech transmitter to monitor the integrity of the zirconia sensor and guarantee a safe, accurate, and reliable measurement.

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