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Industrial Control of the Combustion Air / Fuel ratio

The Novatech 1732 Dual Probe Oxygen Transmitter is designed to measure the oxygen gas concentration in combustion applications such as power stations and industrial boilers.

The 1732 Oxygen Transmitter is based on the well-known model 1632 transmitter. It includes a number of hardware and software improvements such as a graphic display, larger characters, faster microprocessor, simplified set up menu, alarm logging, faster probe heater control and more calculated values such as burner efficiency. The 1732 Oxygen Transmitter has a variety of user-selectable functions. They are simple to use because each selection is menu driven. Features include:

  • Two zirconia oxygen probe, heated or unheated

  • Oxygen range from 1 x 10-30 to 100%

  • Furnace, kiln or flue thermocouple, field selectable as type K, J, R or S

  • Main flame established safety interlock (for heated probes only)

  • Purge flow switch

  • Two linearised 4-20mA or 0-20mA DC isolated outputs, max. load 1000

  • The output function and the range are field selectable

  • Common alarm relay (programmable)

  • Three other alarm relays with selectable functions

  • RS 232 or RS 485 for connection of a computer terminal or printer for diagnostics of the transmitter, probe or combustion process.

  • This connection is suitable for network connection to a computer, DCS or PLC using MODBUS TM protocol.

  • Multi font graphical display

  • Large characters for the oxygen on the top line

  • Multiple lower line items for the secondary functions. i.e. Probe temperature, % Oxygen for the second probe

  • Alarm display mode that shows the time the alarm occurred and the acceptance time

  • Alarm log mode that keeps the time the alarm occurred, the acceptance time and the time the alarm was cleared for the last 4,000 alarms

  • Universal mains supply voltage, 100 to 240VAC

  • Automatically detects the mains voltage and frequency and set the power control accordingly.


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