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Electrical Contracting Services

Intelligent Systems provide a wide range of electrical services.  We have both a service and sales division. We provide Electrical services to the Industrial and Commercial sectors mainly, including new installations, upgrades, repairs, and maintenance, breakdowns, and after hours services. We focus on our customers requirements and deliver a service that has a focus on Quality, Reliability and Repeatability, while working within our customers budget and time frames. After 20 years in the industry, Michael has a background in mining - Iron ore, gold, oil and gas, instrumentation.

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Calibration


Intelligent Systems provide calibration and repairs to our range of Novatech Controls products. We re calibrate both the oxygen sensor and also the NDIR carbon dioxide cell, we provide our customers with the appropriate calibration certificate after all our calibrations. Onsite and workshop service available. We also do any servicing or repairs to the oxygen and carbon dioxide analysers in our purpose built workshop, making sure we have your analyser back to you as soon as possible.We do ask that when you send them back to us please put the power leads and sample lines, hypodermic etc in also which makes it easier to do the calibration with the usual equipment thats with it.

Gas Analysers and In-Situ Oxygen Probes

Intelligent Systems is the authorised distributor for Novatech Controls Pty Ltd, Novatech Controls is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of Oxygen Probes and Gas Analysers for a diverse range of applications. We have a range of oxygen probes that suit your requirements and also a range of transmitters that connect to the probes for real time process data and control. 1732 oxygen transmitter, 1734 carbon transmitter with controller, 1735 water vapour transmitter which uses a special 1231HWV probe, and the 1738 dew point transmitter. Measuring oxygen in process and emissions may be used as a part of a CEMS, reducing fuel costs, monitoring process safety or for quality assurance.

Food Packaging Analysers
MAP Gas Analysis

Intelligent Systems provide food packaging analysers that are used for the integrity and headspace testing of packaging that use (MAP)  (CAP) with diverse applications.In food packaging where a modified atmosphere allows for better product presentation and extended shelf-life, Novatech has designed this instrument specifically for the requirements of the food packaging industry, providing fast sample-and-hold measurement and sample logging for quality assurance. The zirconia ceramic technology has been used extensively in many industries for over 20 years. Developed by the CSIRO, the sensor provides virtually drift-free measurement for many years of operation.

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