Services and Sales

Industrial Electrical

Intelligent Systems provide electrical services to the Industrial and Commercial Industries, We specialise in new installation, maintenance, upgrades and repairs. Focused on Quality, Reliability and Repeatability.

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Calibration

Intelligent Systems provide calibration and repairs to our range of Novatech Controls products. We provide our customers with the appropriate calibration certificate after all our calibrations. Onsite and workshop service available.

Gas Analysers and In-Situ Oxygen Probes

Intelligent Systems is the authorised distributor for Novatech Controls Pty Ltd, Novatech Controls is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of Oxygen Probes and Gas Analysers for a diverse range of applications.

 Food Packaging Analysers

Intelligent Systems provide food packaging analysers that are used for the integrity and  head space testing of packaging that use Modified Atmosphere Packaging ( MAP ) or Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (CAP) with diverse applications.


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