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Oxygen Probes

Our in–situ oxygen probes are available in 2 types, 1231 is used in applications that require analysis in environments with temperatures up to 900 degrees Celsius and our 1232 is used for temperatures 700 degrees Celcius to 1400 degrees Celcius. 

Used in the following industries: power stations, petrochemicals, gas purity generators, mining, incinerators, ceramics, ( firing & drying ), smelters, boiler plants, boiler service companies, furnace manufacturers, metal heat treatment, timber dryers, strip steel, oven manufacturers, bakers, paper mills, aluminium plants, brick kilns, cement & lime, glass, textiles, MAP & CAP food packaging, pharmaceutical, and CEM systems.



  • - Measuring oxygen concentrations within the range 1 x 10     % to 100%, over a temperature range of -10 Celsius to 1400 degrees Celcius.

  • - Monitoring combustion processes to obtain optimum combustion, in order to achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a similar reduction in fuel consumption

  • - Monitoring atmosphere for oxygen that may damage or spoil produce

  • - Monitoring atmospheres for oxygen to determine carbon potential

  • - Monitoring atmospheres for oxygen to determine percent water vapour


These oxygen probes use a unique manufacturing practice that enables oxygen measurements to be made successfully in the presence of sulphur and zinc contaminants. Sulphur or zinc will destroy most sensors.


1231 & 1232 In-Situ Oxygen Probes
1234 Oxygen Sensor

In-situ Oxygen Analysis for Concentrations as low as 1 × 10     % to 100%

Equipped with rugged zirconia industrial oxygen sensors, these probes are ideal for various industrial applications such as flue gas analysis and dew point and water vapour concentration measurement. They are Australian-made and are highly durable.  


Oxygen Measurement Made Simple

The 1234 oxygen sensor has 4 main reasons for you to use, these are * useable for oxygen measurement in many processes * adapts to pressure process streams of both positive and negative * corrosive situation suitable * high accuracy and low maintenance.

1231 - 1232 In-Situ Oxygen Probes
1234 Oxygen Sensor


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