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How to use a Food Packaging Analyser

When sampling headspace gases in modified atmosphere packaging for quallity assurance, you must have an accurate and reliable analyser that has been industry proven.

The Novatech model 1637-Mk II analyser is an instrument used for measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration in a sample of gas. It is designed for use in the food packaging industry where products are packaged in a modified atmosphere of nitrogen and/or carbon dioxide. The two modes of operation for the 1637 MK II device are ‘Sample & Hold’ and ‘Continuous Sampling’. In Sample & Hold Mode, gas is extracted from the packaging via a sample line fitted with a hypodermic needle. The needle penetrates the food packaging and the internal pump draws a sample of the headspace gas into the analyser for measurement. At the completion of each sample the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are shown on the display as well as an indication of whether these values are within the pre-determined range. In Continuous Mode, gas is either drawn into the analyser using the internal pump or pushed through the analyser by process pressure. The oxygen and carbon dioxide content is continuously sampled and displayed on the device LCD. For remote monitoring, two isolated and fully programmable 4-20mA outputs and 4 programmable relays can be configured to give indication of whether the gas levels are within range, and that the device is functioning correctly.

The 1637-Mk II has several key features that offer the user flexibility and ease of operation:
  • Sample & Hold or Continuous live monitoring of both Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

  • Oxygen sensitivity down to 0.1ppm

  • Carbon Dioxide display resolution of 0.1%

  • Automatic calibration of oxygen & carbon dioxide in Sample & Hold Mode

  • 2x fully programmable isolated 4-20mA outputs for remote monitoring in Continuous Mode

  • Internal sample log which can be reviewed or downloaded to a PC

  • Large LCD display with local indication of Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide during use


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