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Food Packaging Analysers

Food packaging gas analysers provide fast sample-and-hold measurement and simple logging for quality assurance. Used also for exporters of fresh veg, salads, fresh flowers, nuts, macadamias, fruits etc, they need to make sure the oxygen and carbon dioxide are right so the product arrives fresh.

1637 Mk II Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Analyser

Food Packaging Analyser

This food packaging analyser measures carbon dioxide and oxygen concentrations in a gas sample. It's designed for food and beverage and pharmaceuticals packaging under a modified atmosphere packaging technique.

1637 Mk II Oxygen - Carbon Dioxide Analyser
1737 Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Analyser

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Measurement Made Simple

This food packaging analyser is an instrument used for monitoring and measuring the concentration levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen in a gas sample. It features an optional internal battery that can provide a continuous run time of up to 1 hour.

1737 Portable Oxygen - Carbon Dioxide Analyser



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